Scottsdale “The One” 1 oz silver bar

Scottsdale “The One” 1 oz silver bar

Scottsdale’s “The One” is a beautifully minted 1 oz silver bar featuring the famous Scottsdale Lion. “The One” generally has a surprisingly low premium considering how striking they are, and make great investments or gifts. Scottsdale 1oz “The One” silver bullion bars are available in single bars, or in sheets of 10.

1 oz Silver Bar "The One" by Scottsdale Silver .999 Fine Silver #A166

One Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Bar - Scottsdale "The One"

Scottsdale Silver The One .999 1oz Fine Silver Bullion Bar - In God We Trust

100 x Scottsdale Silver 1 oz "the One" Bars