1 oz Scottsdale Omnia silver round

1 oz Scottsdale Omnia silver round

The Scottsdale Omnia is a 1oz precision struck .999 silver bullion round, featuring the Scottsdale lion on the front face and a cob-era cross on the reverse. Unlike many of the other Scottsdale products, which have a good but not great finish – the Omnia is truly a beautifully produced piece. The Latin phrase on the back of the Omnia round translates to “Prepared for all things”.

1 oz Scottsdale Omnia .999 fine silver round (Lot #SU2B)

(1) - 1 troy oz .999 Pure Fine Silver OMNIA Round Scottsdale Mint BU Sealed

1 Oz Scottsdale Silver Omnia Round +999 Fine Silver Bullion Scottsdale Mint

20 x 1oz Scottsdale Silver Bullion Coin - Omnia 20 oz 99.9% pure