Copper bullion

Copper bullion

Although copper will never have the same desirability of gold or silver, it’s still one of the prettiest metals to stack, and is so incredibly inexpensive that you can buy a HUGE STACK of copper bullion bars for the same price as a single ounce of gold. Copper bullion bars are lovely things to have. Forget the investment value of copper bullion bars, just use them as decorative items, door stops, paperweights, bookends, whatever.

1 x 1 Pound (16oz) 999 Fine Copper Bullion Cube Element Design Square bar one lb

1 OZ .999 Fine Copper Peace Dollar Round Bullion - AVDP - Coin

10 Coins Walking Liberty 1 oz each .999 Fine Copper Bullion Rounds

MOLON LABE (COME AND TAKE IT!) - 1 OZ AVDP .999 Fine Copper Bullion Round - Coin