10 oz Perth Mint silver bullion bar

10 oz Perth Mint silver bullion bar

The 10oz Perth Mint silver bullion bar is one of the nicest “ugly” bars available. Don’t be fooled by the pretty press images, nearly every 10oz silver bullion bar from the Perth Mint will have scratches, fingerprints, and possibly even a few dings – it won’t be pretty, but it will be 10 oz of beautiful .999 Perth Mint silver! This is a very popular old school/traditional bar (it’s NOT a stacker) for silver investors that don’t care about looks. The 10oz silver Perth Mint bars are perfect for the investor who actually plans to SELL at some point. The worst thing an investor can do is become attached to their stack, and expect to get an “emotional premium” back when they sell. If you want to buy as many ounces as you can per dollar, remember that silver is silver is silver. And as an ounce per dollar purchase, the ugly Perth Mint 10 oz silver bars make a beautiful buy.

Sale Price - Roll of 15 - 1 oz Australia Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Bar .9999

1oz Australian Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Bar .9999 Fine

FIVE (5) 1 oz. Perth Mint Kangaroo .9999 .999 Silver bars, mint condition

1 oz .999 silver dollar dragon Perth mint Australia art bar first release NEW!